Connecting you with customers.

What we do

Krowd helps brands generate 20% more profit by driving covers.

How we do it

We promote hospitality brands to 20M+ customers through partnerships with banks, airlines, telco’s and more.

With Krowd, you only pay for the customers that show up. With no upfront or hidden fees.

Krowd Brand Family

Krowd Publishing Network

20+ million customers

* Average cost of food is 30%-40% Revenues to cover fixed costs (staff, rents, etc.) and make more profits! Krowd fee Customer offer Cost of food * Value of driving covers The Profit

Increase your brand visibility with featured brand and logo placement, push notifications, in app pop ups, direct mailers, and more through our amazing publishers.

Uphold brand reputation, Customers perceive the cashback as an incentive from the publisher rather than an offer from the brand. A great way to drive incentives discretely.

Your customer’s journey

customer registers their card

customer views offer

customer makes a purchase from brand

customer receives reward, which is tracked and fulfilled by Krowd & the publisher

Krowd Dashboard

The Krowd dashboard displays an overview of the success of any campaign created.

  • Conversions
  • Reach
  • Revenue
  • Performance
  • Total cost

Our Setup Timeline

Week 1 Week 2-4 Week 5

5 minutes on the CAM, setting up your campaign.

Relax, and let us do the work with the publishers.

Congratulations! Your brand is now in front of millions of customers.

Simplicity, with no staff training or POS integration.

Working with Krowd offers us the complete platform and the returns have been great so far!
Ross Butler - COO
Rare Restaurants

Join the Krowd family. Working as one with the hospitality industry.