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At Krowd, we understand that in today’s competitive economic climate, increasing customer loyalty, whilst building diverse and sustainable revenue streams is vital for Retailers, Banks and Merchant Acquirers.


Krowd’s Offer Bidding Platform harnesses Purchasing Insights to allow retailers' to achieve targeted customer acquisitions both online and offline.

Issuing Banks

Krowd helps banks increase both card spend as well as customer retention by providing cardholders with highly targeted retail offers that surprise and delight.

Merchant Acquirers

Krowd’s Offer Bidding Platform is a highly effective Value Added Service solution that increases card spend at retailers and improves the customer experience.

Proven Results

75% reduction in customer churn

18% increase in customer spend

30x ROI on ad spend

Backed By Technology

Technology Innovation

Industry first Offer Bidding Platform connecting retailers and cardholders

Proprietary Algorithms

Deep learning an AI algorithms that outperform industry leader by up to 50%

Knowledge Graph

Knowledge graph built on 700+ million external data points for improved  targeting

Market & Tech Expertise

Team with global expertise in AI/ML , analytics from Amazon, Microsoft and Flipkart

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Krowd is also currently working with a number of banks across Europe and Asia.

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